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Our story

Sparked by a passion for computers, driven by a desire to serve.

I've loved working and playing on computers since I was a kid. Growing up in the 90's I remember loving to log onto my mac after school to play Diablo 2, or installing Mech Warrior on my Sony desktop.

After highschool I was looking for a job to make some money while I was attending college. Working at the local supermarket wasn't cutting it, I wanted to apply my skills and interested and do something better. I thought repairing iPhone screens would be a good business to start, and it was, except my shaky hands were not great for the task! I pivoted my business at the time, Think Bot Computers to focus on another shoestring business, web design and development. Since then, well I started XIX with my best friend, later started my own agency GDC, and most recently joined forces with Vantage Communications to expand our reach and provide our services to more businesses!

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